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Art Trope Gallery : Bruno Palisson : Equanimity


Art Trope Gallery presents Equanimity, the personal exhibition of Photographer Bruno Palisson in the moat of the Château-musée de Noirmoutier.

The subjects often impose themselves on the Photographer as obvious after a long cohabitation, revealed by emotion, feelings, sensations… This is how his photographs from his travels are his story and his sometimes dreamed thoughts. They are explorations, before, during and after. There are also doubts and uncertainties, moments and paths that we must try, attempt, since we are never wrong but we reveal ourselves.

The works correspond to his vehicle to transport the memory of the Artist, they are in perpetual motion. Bruno Palisson tells a photographed story that he piles up and superimposes, superimposed or transparent like a life that unfolds, and piles up with intensity of this unspeakable mixture of past, present and future.

Bruno Palisson’s photographs are not necessarily recognizable landscapes or clearly identifiable objects, but moments or thoughts suggested to browse and share. The Artist offers us a photographic journey of his imagination and his memories, like moments in suspension.

Although it is more commonplace around the age of 50 than trying to understand what is essential to our existence and taking a step back from the race we are leading within our society and trying to put this last stage of our existence. At the same time try to understand this distancing, this frightening, but abstract crevice, hence the difficulty of apprehending it, which we continue to constantly enlarge with nature, until the rupture, which perhaps will bring us to our loss ?

I thus wished to get closer to the elements, the Earth, the Air, the Water and the Wood which are familiar to me and which however I do not look at enough. I observed, contemplated then meditated, I exposed myself, at least I faced without cheating, in order to become one with the moment and these elements. To be with them, to go to the essential, to the simplest and to be as close as possible to our origins to perhaps be reborn better and perhaps for the first time to live.

It is this reunion with our origins, this nature, ourselves, that I wanted to share with you.

It was with a Goldy box offered by his father that Bruno Palisson took his first photographs at the age of 10. Throughout his adolescence he asserted himself through this medium, carrying out his first freelance studies at the age of 17.

Three years later he began a professional career as an architectural photographer for agencies and magazines. At the same time, he studied architecture and founded in 1994, with his colleague Jean-Luc Calligaro, the architecture agency Atelier PO & PO in Paris.

In 1997, he represented the company Polaroid in France for the fiftieth anniversary of the brand and in 1999, he co-directed within a collective of Artists an artistic campaign for the candy brand “Cachous Lajaunie”. Also in 1999, he participated in the Festival d’Art sans Fin in Bern, this work will be presented in the show Tracks on Arte.

Since 2021, Bruno Palisson has been represented by Art Trope Gallery and has since exhibited at Arles Expositions during Les Rencontres de la photographie in Arles, at the ST-ART Contemporary Art Fair in Strasbourg and at the VOLTA Contemporary Art Fair. in Basel, Switzerland.

Thirty formats of 150 x 100 in direct printing on brushed aluminium. All the shots were taken with natural lights that resonate with the aluminum. The support contributes to the image.


Bruno Palisson : Équanimité
from June 17 to September 17, 2023
Art Trope Gallery
Moats of the Château de Noirmoutier-en-l’Ile (85 330)

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