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Anna Tihanyi


Berlin bhf. (bahnhof) is a staged series, that was inspired by Hungarian authors’ Berlin experiences, their visions, stories, expectations. The concepts are rooted in intimate issues of my personal life, through which I could emphasize Berlin being a transitory place, as a habitat of the passengers, the temporary home for these authors, and me.

I’m interested in the dialogue between photography and literature, though these texts were inspirational and rather give a general atmosphere for all images then illustrate one photograph, each photo has a literary quote, and very important to me.

The scenes take places in different interiors of a fictitious Berlin, showing feelings and relations through these moments of transitions. Through my timeless series I wanted to emphasize the common aspect of rootlessness and alienation, the permanent feeling of outcast and the desire of being integrated.

These images are connected to me as a women as well, through their problematic self-defining by their different roles as mother, daughter, lover, etc. I’m interested in exploring femininity and the female identity, my work transports the viewer into a feminine surrealist wonderland, a fairytale-like environment that explores the “in-between”, the tension that lies both within the physical and psychological space of the female identity.

Berlin bhf. not only talks about history, or memories, but as fictional, momentarily existing places it shows misplaced and unsettling situations, where people are uprooted from their origin, loved ones, their own mind and center.

Anna Tihanyi

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