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Ana Catarina Pinho –Nomads



Europe’s actual economic and political situation is leading to deep alterations and drastic adjustments, causing a big change in the social scenery. Unemployment is rising and strikes becoming a routine.

Towards this wave of dissatisfaction, a sense of disgust is felt amongst the majority of people who are being forced to change their lives in order to adapt to a less comfortable future.

Politicians point emigration as a solution for their own nation and, although it doesn’t please most people, it sadly becomes the only way for those who live in a country in debt.

The search for something new or different implies the need to change. No matter if it’s a positive or negative change, it will always be a shift on personal habits and routines. Nomads represent, visually and metaphorically, the relation between the search for a change and it’s inherent consequences.

This photographic series translates the fine line between the search for a different future and the tough process of adaptation – by impersonating the classical portrait aesthetics – and its consequences – through the imperfection and disturbing details represented by the bruises on each portrait.

Artist Statement

My interest on photography appeared while studying subjects like visual narrative and documentary.
It became a major decision as I changed the path of my studies and focused on photography.

I use photography to create meaning out of visual series and by meaning, I refer to the imaginary freedom allowed to every viewer. In other words, I privilege the possibility of interpretation through the images by creating multiple layers of information. My choice of subject relies mainly on exploring the mundane, the subtle details, the relation of people with places and landscape.

I am inspired by many authors who discuss, question and explore different subjects.
One of my biggest references, if not my favorite photographer, is Walker Evans.

Photography is a powerful instrument, and using it to enter peoples lives, homes, places, memories, etc, becomes not only a privilege but also a responsibility towards them, which implies respect, trust and sensibility in the way the pictures are used.

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