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February 11, 2014

Trends: Arnaud Pyvka

Photographer, art director, publisher—Arnaud Pyvka is a multi-faceted artist. He has a unique style, taking colorful, head-on, off-center, big-flash photographs, seen in both his personal and professional work. Pyvka photographs people, things…

Trends: Kourtney Roy

At the border of art and fashion, Kourtney Roy combines fiction and self-portraiture in her too-perfect women encapsulated in the banality of another era. Immersed in their imaginations, these sublime women are…

Trends: Julia Fullerton-Batten

Korea is the latest series of Julia Fullerton-Batten. She became interested in the contrasts and tensions that dominate the country, expressing them through staged portraits of Korean women wearing traditional dress in…

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