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Cynthia Karalla,The Ambiguous Road

Shooting in 35mm to echo exterior City/Land - Scapes.

I wanted to repeat the energy of the summer before biking with tripod, film and no direction.  Open road.  It is always and only the unknown journey that summons the magic of the day.  Out of the 2,000 photos filmed, developed and scanned, I picked 6. The in-between blanks let the viewer's imagination make their own stories, let their minds wander, as I myself wandered through the ambiguous-scapes.

Interval, the 7th image, is the gateway between exterior and interior roads.

The 120mm square format is the interior of my breath.

A couple of cracked ribs forced me to leave the city and landscapes to experiment inside. While doing my breathing exercises I decided to try and capture my breath by doing long shutter exposures (anything from 4 to 10 minutes), playing with the technical opportunities offered by a type of film I was working with for the first time. I used myself and a young friend as the subjects for this twin experiment, and the resultant images - 6 out of some 150 taken - combine in ways that are not still quite clear to me to create some mysterious, barely stated narrative.

Cynthia Karalla