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Éditions Orange Claire : Véronique L’Hoste : Devour


During the first confinement, at the time of her maternity, Véronique L’Hoste, fine art photographer, decided to document her real and mental universe. Through photographic layers, she questioned the syrupy myth of the happiness of being a mother.

How is the mother-child relationship built? Becoming a mother? Not as obvious as the discourse endlessly rehashed by society would have us believe. If the birth is desired, the physical and psychological upheavals that surround it are far from expected… or even audible. Because how can we explain a feeling that no one talks about, not even literature. It is up to each woman, torn between freedom and mothering, to find her balance.

The book contains 88 photographs accompanied by three afterwords: a text by Véronique L’Hoste and two unpublished texts by authors Stéphanie Thomas and Anne de Rancourt. Ultimately, these photographs and these words help us come to terms with the ambivalences that grip us all, men and women, upon becoming parents.

A photographic film, created by Véronique L’Hoste, accompanies the project:


« Devour »
Les éditions Orange Claire
ISBN 9782956003847
35 €

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