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All archives of The Eye of Photography are classified by theme in this section. It contains various articles about photography art, exclusive interviews of famous photographers, an economic section, public or private collections presentations along with the latest trends in the photography world which are to be discovered in the magazine.

Peter Lindbergh –The Unknown

Peter Lindbergh’s new project, The Unknown, represents another chapter in the field of fashion photography. Lindbergh’s images are displayed within an framework and from a novel perspective for fashion photography:…

Gina Levay –Bullfight

Like Hemingway, Picasso and so many other artists, Gina Levray is fascinated by the corrida (Bull fighting), this art of killing with nobility, its symbolic conflict between man and beast.…

Miss Rosen –Shane Perez

Shane Perez has always had a disregard for authority. Growing up in Miami, Perez and his father would ride their bikes through the Everglades and come across abandoned cars and…

Kiev –Bob Carlos Clarke

The new photo gallery Brucie Collections is struggling to place the Ukrainian capital Kiev on the map of world photography. Thus the choice of Bob Carlos Clarke, master of erotic…


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