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All archives of The Eye of Photography are classified by theme in this section. It contains various articles about photography art, exclusive interviews of famous photographers, an economic section, public or private collections presentations along with the latest trends in the photography world which are to be discovered in the magazine.

Anna Block

Anna Block was born in 1982 in Moscow, Russia. In 2004 she took up photography. Anna has personal (2010 Art gallery 40 Squares, Smolensk (Russia) and collective (in Russia, Latvia,…

Jana Romanova

Jana Romanova is a documentary photographer, mostly interested in self-identity theme and everything connected to self-presentation and roles people play in society. She was born in 1984 in Saint-Petersburg, Russia.…

Leo Bugaev

Leo Bugaev was born in 1975 in Krasnodar, Russia. He graduated from the Kuban State University, Faculties Fine Arts and Drawing. Participated in the First South Russian Biennale of the…

Julia Prokhorova

Julia Prokhorova was born in 1980 in Moscow, Russia. Publications in Afisha magazine (Russia), Rolling Stone, Institute of Global Climate and Ecology catalogue, PIGmag fanzine.…

Aleksander Gronsky

Alexander Gronsky was born in 1980 in Tallinn, Estonia; lives in Russia since 2006. He is a member of Photographer.Ru agency since 2004. Publications in Esquire, Afisha World (Russia), Geo,…

Tatyana Plotnikova

Tatyana Plotnikova was born in 1973 in St. Petersburg, Russia. Active as a photographer since 2007. Graduated from the St.Petersburg Economical University with a degree in Accounting and Audit and…

Tatyana Ilyina

Tatyana Ilyina was born in 1984 in Moscow, Russia. Lives and works in Moscow. Encountered photography at the age of 20 after a long lasting interest in cinema. She loved the…

Sergey Kremnev

Sergey Kremnev was born in 1984 in Yaroslavl, Russia. He has graduated in architecture. He took part in group exhibitions in Yaroslavl, Kronshdat, Moscow and organize personal exhibitions: «Hot cold»…

Pavel Platonov

Pavel Platonov is a 21-year artist from Russia. He began to experiment with photography several years ago. Now he studys at the Architectural University and make installations with complex geometric…


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