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All archives of The Eye of Photography are classified by theme in this section. It contains various articles about photography art, exclusive interviews of famous photographers, an economic section, public or private collections presentations along with the latest trends in the photography world which are to be discovered in the magazine.

Oskar Alvarado –Adirane

Oskar Alvarado is a Spanish photographer who lives in Barcelona. He discovered photography while studying Fine Arts at the University of the Basque Country. Since then, Oskar's work shows us…

Rory White –Nashville

These images represent my Rorshak series: images of artists integrated with their own image, all combined in one frame and printed as they were shot, without any digital manipulation.…

Jennifer Hudson –Baptism

Jennifer Hudson grew up in a spiritual and conservative home in rural Texas where she cultivated her curiosity and imagination. Experimenting with her artwork by offering insight and awareness about…


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