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Getty Images Announces 2017 Winners

Corinth, Greece, Feb 2, 2012. 17-year old Mohamed from Morocco and his friends hiding behind the rocks at the port during the night, waiting for the right moment to illegally board a ship to Italy. © Alessandro Penso

Getty Images announced 2017 winners of its reknown award. Paula Bronstein, Alejandro Cegarra, Antonio Faccilongo, Barbara Peacock and Alessandro Penso all received a $ 10,000 prize to continue their work. About 500 candidates submitted their portfolios and series.

In particular, Paula Bronstein was recognized for her poignant series on refugees and civilians fleeing the war between the Iraqi army and the self-proclaimed Islamic State, The Cost of War. Barbara Peacock saw her work Bedroom America be recognized. His series focuses on the lives of marginalized people in the United States. Antonio Faccilongo explores the intimacy of Palestinian families in the Gaza Strip (Habibi). As for Alessandro Penso and his series The Deal, the jury acknowledged the quality of its investigation into the refugee humanitarian crisis in Europe.

Finally, Alejandro Cegarra brilliantly documents the legacy of Hugo Chavez and the current turmoil in Venezuela (Living With Hugo Chavez's Legacy).

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