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Vincent Perez: A Journey in Russia

Anatoly © Vincent Perez

A photographic and literary voyage through Russia

Echoing the book of the same name that will be published by Delpire Editions on October 5, the exhibit “A Journey in Russia” offers an introduction to the photographs taken by Vincent Perez’s over the course of four trips through Russia alongside the writer Olivier Rolin, who is also both fascinated by and extremely knowledgeable about that vast nation. From Arkhangelsk in the north to Astrakhan in the south, from Saint Petersburg in the west to Ulan-Ude in the east, the photographer’s and the writer’s points of view intertwine to stunningly capture the fire-and-ice atmosphere of that unique civilization.

Through a series of striking portraits – of carpenters, peasant farmers, Cossacks, wealthy landowners, artists, shamans and more – Vincent Perez offers an insightful and deeply humanist view of today’s Russia. The landscapes are equally impressive: snow-covered cities, still lifes, industrial sites, railroad tracks, roads stretching to the horizon, cruise ships in frozen lakes and more offer scenes of steely whiteness and subtle tungsten hues for a multi-faceted vision of this terribly photogenic land.

The show pairs Vincent Perez’s work – seen here for the the first time – with Olivier Rolin’s prose, for a two-hearted, four-eyed travel journal, and a singular point of view on a country where so much remains to be discovered.


Galerie Folia

13 rue de l'Abbaye, 75006 Paris, France

28 September - 28 October

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