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American Dream

New housing, Colorado Springs, Colorado, 1968/1971 © Robert Adams

The Rosella and Phillip Rolla Foundation, in Bruzella, Switzerland, currently holds an exhibition entitled American Dream with evocative photographs by major photographers who pictured the United States in the second part of the 20th century.

Phillip Rolla loves photographs of houses which embody the American dream, which represent that unmovable idea of promise made to everyone who, if they work hard enough, will have access to the material comforts, that is, a house, a car, education for their children, and will be better off than the previous generation. The photography collector has been so fascinated by photographs of American houses that he has collected them for many years and now has decided to exhibit them. He will exhibit these photos exactly ten years after the beginning of the most serious economic crisis to hit the world since World War II, the subprime crisis which originated in the United States. The crisis that, with the real estate market, cast aside once and for all the prophetic myth of this dream.


Rosella and Phillip Rolla Foundation

La Stráda Végia (ex via Municipio) 6837 Bruzella Switzerland

07 October - 10 December

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