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Sales & Exhibition of Paris Match’s Photographs at Cornette de Saint-Cyr

Izis, Catherine Deneuve & David Bailey, Paris, 1er Février 1966 © Izis & Paris Match

Izis, Catherine Deneuve & David Bailey, February 1st, 1966, Paris © Izis & Paris Match.

" The man Catherine Deneuve had married the previous year was iconic to swinging London: David Bailey was the inspiration for Michelangelo Antonioni's character, David Hemmings in Blow Up. In Paris on February 1, 1966, The French actress and the British fashion photographer posed together in the studio he had rented for his shoot of the spring collections.
80 x 53 cm. Printed later on fiberbased paper. Black wooden frame, and mat.
Edition 1/1."


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