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In Beauvais, Photaumnales 2017 Begins

Affiche 2017, Les Photaumnales © Les Photaumnales

In Beauvais (France),  starts this wreekend 14th edition of the photographic Photaumnales festival. Well established in France and Europe, the festival is conceived on the theme 'country colors'. Visitors will discover photographic creation of the French overseas territories of Guadeloupe and Martinique.

Exhibitions are designed by the association Diaphane and piloted by curators Fred Boucher (contemporary part) and Véronique Masini (historical part). Both sought to question as a whole "the notion of identity of these territories. Mixed periods and variety of looks form a mosaic of great richness where human activities, economic, societal and environmental traditions intersect, "says the festival.

This opening weekend is full of festivities! Tonight, there will be the opening of the Colors Hong Kong with photographers Tina Merandon, Beatrix von Conta and Pascale Peyret at 6:30 pm at Séraphine Louis Space. It will immediately be followed by the opening of Les encombrants, an exhibition with Morgane Britscher at Maison Diaphane (8:30 pm).

Tomorrow 2:30 pm, the general inauguration of the festival will be celebrated with tasting of rhum (4 pm) and an encounter with  the two curators of the festival (5 pm). Jean-Francois Manicom's conference on Caribbean photography on Sunday is also to be noted..

Complete program online.

The Photaumnales 2017

Until 31 December 2017
City of Beauvais.
la France