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International Center of Photography Relocates (Again)

Moso Studio, A rendering of the new International Center of Photography, scheduled to open as part of the Essex Crossing complex in 2019 © Moso Studio

The International Center of Photography (ICP) is on the move again. The museum will relocates to Essex Crossing, New York City. The move, scheduled for early 2019, will unite its museum and its photographic school.

Last year, ICP move to right in front of the New Museum, on Bowery, for a total cost of $ 23.5 million. Sometimes criticized for its constrained exhibition spaces and its lack of visibility in an austere building, this time ICP seems to have a wider a nicer space. The museum will benefit a 40 000 square-feet. From the street, viewvers will remark its galleries from the outside. The purchase of this new space will be partially funded by the sale of the previous space, even though ICP did not specify how much the entire move would cost.

Mark Lubell, its executive director, explained the first move on Bowery was made in time of experimentions, at a time when the museum was looking for a modern approach to photography and more widely to images and digital realities. The next move will be a perfect opportunity to bring the students of the institution together in this new direction, as he declared : “and for an institution that wants to be relevant and engaged in current conversations, having the students there as a constant voice is very, very important.”, declare the ICP's executive director.



Mark Lubell, the I.C.P.’s executive director, said that even in its previous move, the institution was seeking ways to rejoin the museum with the school. He hopes that a free-flowing collaboration will push the institution to further modernize and capture a younger audience. “We looked at the Bowery as a bit of a test case, so we could experiment and try different things,” he said.