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Agathe Gaillard Gallery Reopens !

Jean-Claude Larrieu, Agathe Gaillard et Bernard Faucon, mai 1979 © Galerie Agathe Gaillard

In Paris, the gallery Agathe Gaillard reopens this Thursday September 21st with a wonderful show! Entitled Tribute to Beauty, it presents works from 26 photographers, including Manuel Alvarez Bravo, Édouard Boubat, Georgia Fioro, Claude Iverne, Hiro Matsuoka, Marie-Paule Negre, Marc Riboud and Colette Urbajtel.

Created in 1975, the mythical gallery in Paris, exclusively destined for photography, had closed in 2015. Agathe Gaillard decided to pass the torch. The gallery has since found a new owner, David Azéma, as well as a new artistic director, Fiona Sanjabi.

Since 1975, the gallery has contributed to the popularity of mythical figures in the history of photography (Izis, Hervé Guibert and Henri Cartier-Bresson). The gallery wanted to open conversation between photography and contemporary art. It sought quality in its prints as well as in its artistic choices.

In 2015, Agathe Gaillard declared to the Parisian: "I have succeeded in having photography recognized as an art in its own right. This movement took place in the world in the 1970s. At that time, photographers found that their work was used to illustrate what was not theirs. They were not masters of their visions. My role was obvious: take the photos once made and pass them on to the public. It has fascinated me all my life. "


Tribute to Beauty - Reopening of Galerie Agathe Gaillard

Thursday September 21st, 2017

Opening at 6 PM.

3 rue du Pont Louis-Phillipe,

75004 Paris