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Sergio Larrain on Beyond Photography

Sergio Larrain, Potosi, Bolivie, 1958 © Sergio Larrain/Magnum Photos

Sergio Larrain, Potosi, Bolivia, 1957 © Sergio Larrain/Magnum Photos


" And images will come to you like visions, seize them. "

— Sergio Larrain


Magnum by Magnum photographers

Coinciding with Magnum Analog Recovery exhibition, LE BAL and The Eye of Photography work out for you some iconic as well as unseen images back from the golden age of the agency by the photographers themselves. Their own words, ethical aesthetics and politics issues are striking landmarks of the evolution of photographers’experience in this key period.


Magnum Analog Recovery exhibition

From April 29 to  August 27, LE BAL is presenting a range of the co-operative’s treasures with contemporary prints and designs for books and publications dating from the creation of Magnum Photos (1947) till 1977. This year marks both 70 years of Magnum Photos and the completion of an archive making thousands of contemporary prints at last accessible : Magnum Analog Recovery (M.A.R.).