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Julian Hibbard, HUD 2016

HUD is an experimental series embedding found “Heads Up Display” cockpit data - as an allegorical & spectatorial device - into a selection of existing fashion images.

The series builds on a new approach to creating images after becoming a parent for the first time in 2014. Partly because I wasn’t taking new photographs and partly a reaction to our emotional and neurological, non-touching attachment to the digital world (after being a hands-on new parent) I began re-working certain past images.

Reconfiguring past work by either erasing parts or incorporating additional graphic elements was a way to address ideas about memory, touch and recollection more directly by treating certain images more like the construction of memories. By that I mean allowing images to change and evolve in the same way that memories are built and rebuilt every time we revisit them.

Specifically, the overlaying of “HUD” data in this series has the effect of heightening latent voyeuristic undertones already present in the work and is the latest manifestation in a search for a visual language that takes my photography into a deeper psychological realm.

Julian Hibbard