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Flávio Andrade, Vago

They are self-portraits this "Vago", in a deconstruction of the defined and focused, in this impression / emotion. I have long sought this moment of reflection on movement and uncertainty. The research of this time, of a pictorial interiority by the imperfection and materiality of the support. In other words, it is an unusual, vague and intimate place. Being an analog snapshot, with an almost immediate visualization (a few minutes) that satisfies me, it allows and maintains the reflection / maturation of the photographic body, something non-existent in digital photography due to its immateriality.

Instant black-and-white film project - Impossible, for the Polaroid SX-70 camera. Year 2016.

Final images are the result of the originals being scanned. With minimum dimensions of 1.10m, and can go up to 2.00m, printed on Fine Art Mate Paper, without support. This project will be accompanied by an installation with original sound made for the project and a video installation. The originals will also be exposed.

Flávio Andrade