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Irvin Rivera : Santa’s Dirty Laundry

Santa is full.
Santa is tired.
Santa needs a break from being a Santa and needs a day for herself.
If for most people the Holiday means chaos and unrest, for this Santa it means a break- a huge rest.

The idea behind this story stemmed from a last minute discourse with a friend regarding lots of what -ifs. What if we do a shoot tomorrow?

(Which we did, thus this image). What if we do a Santa Story, but what if Santa is actually a female and that is her dirty laundry? What if we shoot at a laundromat? What if I contact my plus sized friend? What if she says no? What if she says yes?

This story also explores a myriad of ideas ranging from consumerism, rebellion, self-love and just doing whatever you want on Christmas.

Irvin Rivera