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Lili Canis

Parisian stories” consists in a series of photos of Parisian days: people moving through the streets, the passing of time, people imagining a thousand things about one another, their stories and secrets. People, either visible or invisible. My watching them and our discussions.

The story took place in Paris. Before exclusively doing photography, Lili Canis used to be a lawyer in Paris. Her degree as a doctor of law was premonitory and dealt with Identity checks. Since 2013, she has been fascinated by the persons she meets. She has a special feeling with words, people and all these shared parts of life. While walking, she does not steal photographs of people. She does not hide. She gets close to each person, in order to get, beyond their permission, complicity. Each person is unique and interesting. She likes the idea of fixing these precious moments. Her approach consists in understanding the identity of each person, considered either in details or as a whole. This identity is definitely a complex one made of lights and shadows and that is why she only works in black and white. FUJI XT1 – 23mm